NEED HELP: Applying for the NSF POSE (Phase II) Grant

We need your help (see below…)

The Institute is applying for a $1.5m NSF POSE grant -

The overarching vision of POSE is that proactive and intentional formation of managing organizations will ensure a broader and more diverse adoption of open-source products; increased coordination of external intellectual content developer contributions; and a more focused route to technologies with broad societal impact.

The deadline is first week of September.

Specifically, we need some help in a few areas. If you have experience with the budgetary requirements for NSF/Federal grants, we’d love to talk with you!

Also, we’re looking for support in the form of “Letters of Collaboration” which say “I’m ][so-and-so] and work for/with [org] and we are collaborating-wigh/contributing-to/deploying Spritely technology/standards.”

These letters are meant to help us establish that the work has a nascent and serious developer community…

Contact so we can follow up soon!

Hi, I can try help in the second part and I know some people with experience in very large NSF grants. Send me an email and we can discuss that privately.

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