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:blush: I have to admit, I only barely know what some of you are doing or talking about. Or even what I am up to half the time:

I have set up (GNU Jami) on my laptop, with the name Cructacean and an ID
At the moment, text only.

I have to think in terms of direction:

  1. Is it GNU (I will try Goblin Chat)?
  2. Is it supporting trust, security, FLOSS, Open languages?
  3. Fun? That is a good question. I was not having fun setting up a server.
  4. I am still using centralised devices/software (a mixture of ease and family/friends)
  5. Programming is not my strength. What is? Ideas and gradual comprehension.

I’m not sure what you are trying to do here, @lobster.

How can we help?

If you’re playing with Goblin Chat, we are still using that as a demonstration/test application for our framework - it’s not yet ready to be used for prime time as important features, such as persistance/storage aren’t in there yet, but coming VERY soon…

I have a Ryzen 3 dedicated server desktop hardware, running a stable Gnu-Linux. Debian.

Every time, I try and turn the server hardware into a server, from synaptic (package manager). I end up nowhere, confused. Having to work from terminal.

So am now just using the server as a desktop.

All I want is to set up a user called Server (assuming I have a server set up) and change to running this when I am not using the hardware as a Gnome desktop.

Every piece of software server, described as easy, does not seem to be to me. So I may have to use hosting, which I have done in the past …

I no longer have the time or interest to test, fiddle around, make countless notes, search for answers, wiki advice etc…