Michigan!/usr/group talk diving into Spritely's tech [2022-10-11]

MUG talk: Spritely Institute’s tech tour and Goblins dive [2022-10-11] (peertube)

The first part of this talk is similar to a talk I gave at dweb camp, but that hasn’t been posted live anywhere. I didn’t realize that I had a 2 hour slot so I ended up doing a bunch of improv showing off my porting efforts of Terminal Phase from Racket to Guile, including a live demo of porting its time travel stuff. The time travel part is really easy, but I accidentally got screwed up by a library path issue (isn’t that the way?) and I end up flailing a bit in the middle because of it… but towards the end it’s clear that people are really getting it, and when I do get time travel going, everyone gets really excited!

Not the best video of this stuff, but also kind of fun to see, especially for seeing how live hacking goes (the better and worse parts of it)!


I’m not yet through the whole thing (hard to find a good block of uninterrupted time) but it’s always very cool to see overviews of terminal-phase internals! In particular since it uses Goblins at a lower level than many other programs you might build on top of it. The tutorial goes into how you could use actormaps directly a little bit but not in nearly this much depth.

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