Two Spritely (or adjacent) talks at FOSDEM tomorrow

Hm, not sure where this goes. “Uncategorized” then. :slight_smile:

If you’re not familiar, FOSDEM is the biggest free & open source conference in the EU. There’s actually a stunning number of ocap-adjacent talks in the agenda this year (including some on CHERI, SeL4 and other microkernels, etc.

But I’m hanging out mostly in the Declarative and Minimalistic Computing room tomorrow, and am presenting two talks, one very Spritely related, one less so.

  • Spritely Goblins comes to Guile: Distributed, secure, asynchronous programming (that’s the “Very Spritely” talk, and is trying to prime the Guile/Guix community for these topics, and to hopefully prime that community for collaboration)
  • Lisp, but Beautiful; Lisp for Everyone, which I’m co-presenting with Morgan, my spouse. It’s more Spritely-related than it may appear; since our primary implementation is in a lispy language, making that accessible to people is important. Actually there’s been a dramatic development since this talk was pre-recorded; I’ll be revealing it in the Q&A.

My talks are “later” in the day, but maybe too early still for US west coasters. Anyway, I’ll post links to the recordings when they’re up! Now to go to sleep… I have to be awake at 3am to get ready for the talks I want to go to… but hey, that’s technically less sleep lost than when I would travel to FOSDEM in-person…


BTW the videos on these are now live on the two links posted above! The responses to each were both very positive.

I’d like to also cross-publish them to Peertube and YouTube and post a brief blogpost on the blog about it when I get some time. But it might be best to wait to do that until the Goblins-on-Guile first release is ready to go, not sure.