Help: Suggestion for dev setup for experimenting with hoot/spritely

What’s the recommended setup for starting development on hoot/spritely? Any suggestions?

I saw the peer to peer chat which was pretty cool, what other projects are out there? Just finding out about this project. Sounds really cool!

Hi @deezway, welcome!

Is there anything specific that you’re looking to learn or a project you’re trying to build? Below are some links that will hopefully be useful no matter the answer:

When it comes to learning about the big picture, the Heart of Spritely whitepaper is the thing to read: The Heart of Spritely: Distributed Objects and Capability Security

If you need a crash course on Scheme, see the Scheme Primer: A Scheme Primer

For Hoot, our project page has all the good links: Hoot: Scheme to WebAssembly -- Spritely Institute

The introduction section of the Hoot includes a tutorial: Introduction (Guile Hoot)

There’s a project page for Goblins, too: Goblins: Distributed Programming -- Spritely Institute

And likewise the docs include a tutorial: Tutorial (Spritely Goblins)

Hope this helps!