Blog Post: Guile Hoot v0.4.0 released!

We are excited to announce the release of Guile Hoot v0.4.0! Hoot is a Scheme to WebAssembly compiler backend for Guile, as well as a general purpose WebAssembly toolchain. In other words, Scheme in the browser!


  • Hoot now supports user-defined modules. Users no longer have to stuff their entire program into one file! Currently, the R6RS library syntax is supported, with R7RS define-library and Guile define-module syntax to come in a future release.
  • The standard library is now available as a collection of importable modules. Hoot supports the standard (scheme ...) namespace as specified by R7RS-small. Non-standard interfaces are available under the (hoot ...) namespace. The see manual for more information about available non-standard interfaces.
  • An example project was added to the source tree in Git, examples/project-template, to serve as an easy starting point for new Hoot projects. This example project also ships with our official release tarballs. See the template’s README for more information.
  • More of R7RS-small has been implemented and Hoot can now run 54 out of 57 Scheme benchmarks!

Read on for the full change log.