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Hello everyone, you can call me Avon. I am a contributor to a project called Briar. I’m interested in experimenting with nearby device networking layers (like Bluetooth, WLAN, p2p WiFi) & Goblins/OCapN.

For a while now, Briar project has been interested in providing a p2p development platform (some great details in this 2016 write up by another Briar Contributor: Dymaxion: Briar and Bramble: A Vision for Decentralized Infrastructure) and I think pairing Goblins and OCapN with some nearby-device networking capabilities could lead to some interesting ideas.

Excited to join this community!



Oh awesome! Briar is a really interesting project. I think adding netlayers like the ones you mentioned sounds really exciting. I’ve been doing a lot on netlayers of late including writing a draft spec and working on other netlayers for Goblins. If you need any help or want to discuss them further, I’m happy to chat or help out, I’m @tsyesika:matrix.org on matrix or you can of course message me on here.

There’s also the OCapN pre-standardization group which meets every month (2nd Tuesday), you’re more than welcome if you’d like to join. We’re discussing standardization both for the whole of OCapN, including netlayers.


Welcome indeed.

I had looked at Briar cause I was looking for Delay&disruption Tolerant Networking for smartphones, esp32, and wifisd.

I been musing for a while how to combine AmbientTalk, Smart Messages, and my ActiveCapCert (WIP) stuff to these kind of DTN stuff. I would love to discuss this kind of ideas here.

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Hello! Thanks so much for your work on the draft spec, I was reading through it earlier this week to try and get a better understanding of OCapN.

The OCapN pre standards meetings sound really interesting, I will try to make it!

Thanks so much for these links, really interesting work!

I’m also interested in exploring how to handle DTNs with Goblins/OCapN. I’m still very new to Scheme and Lisp programming, but one idea that’s been mentioned to me that I quite like is having some additional syntax to help Goblins programmers work with DTN layers vs more “real-time” netlayers like tcp or tor.

Maybe it would be useful to make a separate post in this forum to have longer form discussions about DTNs with OCapN/Goblins?

Please do start a thread!

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Hello All,

My name is Daniel. My only notable public work perhaps is a rewrite of Go on mobile’s encoding and decoding of android resources to improve testability (we like our fast compile times there I guess).

I’ve only recently invested time into learning scheme as I look to explore my varying interests in design. Generally interested in decentralization as a practical matter, Milner’s Calculus of Communicating Systems as a mode of thought and design, and things that make noise.

The work happening here further evokes dreams of unencumbered collaborative sound exploration and the work on wasm means maybe I get to explore a lot of tangents at once (and equally get nothing done).

Should be fun either way, but I’ve joined to share if something does actually get done.



Approaches to Delay Tolerant Networking

Done :slight_smile:

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I’m bitnik, a retired software developer with a C/C++/C# background. I started learning Scheme in 2000 because it was a way to pursue my coding and scripting passion on a pocket computer (Fred Bayer’s Lispme on PalmOS) and progressed from there through Guile (1.6 or thereabouts) to Chicken Scheme.

More recently I have become more interested in privacy. Spritely Institute’s work on several fronts has interested me, and the Hoot/Wasm interface sounds like fun.


Hi! I’m an open source developer, I’m excited about everything Guile/Guix so definitely Spritely has been on my radar from a while.

My latest hack is a Shepherd service that decrypts secrets for other services on a ramfs/tmpfs. Last night I had this enlightenment moment where I thought that this could be solved much more elegantly with Goblins (my approach has several downsides, some related to access control list security model).

I still need to smooth out some technical edges but I hope to be able to share something with you soon.


hello, i am a hobbyist who has been using scheme for around ~3 years or so, and currently I am looking into wasm and hoot to see if I can make a somewhat useful prototyped scheme(-like?) system with wasm.


We’ve got some new folks just joined during our GuixDays/FOSDEM trip -
@elviejo @NonchalantFox @zardoz @lnlsn @jonny @Retropikzel @rweir @DanGillmor and @Acoustic_Mirror !

If you haven’t already, please introduce yourselves!



Please excuse my lurking. I joined this forum during GuixDays, but with no relation to it - it just so happened that I noticed that the Spritely forum was no longer invite-only, and decided to take a peak. I have been following the Spritely Institute’s work mainly over at Mastodon (I’m @acousticmirror@post.lurk.org there - see, I love lurking!), mainly thanks to Christine’s enthusiastic posts on the subject. I’m interested in the work done, and have enjoyed seeing other important Guile/Scheme figures join the team (Wingo, Templeton, Thompson).

Otherwise, I find it difficult to speak of myself due to the danger of this post turning into a wall of text. I’m an artist and researcher based in Madrid, Spain, and I work with sound, acoustic ecology, and experimental music. Years ago, a flatmate told me that I didn’t live in Madrid, I live in Emacs, and I’m afraid they weren’t entirely wrong. I have an interest in Lisp-family languages (and have re-discovered Guile, mainly thanks to Wingo’s epic blog posts and Christine’s work), and I’m generally interested in media programming (live-coding, things that sound like a dying washing machine, etc.)

I’m here mainly to (hopefully) learn something.





I’m Nathan, on the day to day I’m a Python developer and I got interested in Lisps and Schemes because when I was still a student, I ended up picking Emacs as my main driver (especially to take notes) and I fell into the Lisp rabbit hole in the mean time.

I ended up playing around a bit with Racket, saw Guile mentioned as well and here we are. I have actually coded very little with Guile so seeing the forum open after FOSDEM and Christine’s excellent talk pushed me to see what was going on in here =)


I’m Mike Sugarbaker, I live at gibberish.com, and I’ve been kicking around the web world for 30+ years. I might be best known for a couple pieces of writing I did a really long time ago. Nowadays I’m into electronic music and, uh, burnout recovery.

Lots of heavy hitters in this thread, wow. I hope to find a way to be useful. I vacillate between wanting to build a big mega-communication tool for everything, and wanting to go even more meta and make a programming framework. Probably neither is a great idea.


Hello, my name is Chris. I’m also known as YAAPS and AceNovo. 50 Hertz is a joke about my age. I’ve been on hiatus a couple years but I’m interested in catching up on the latest with Spritely and resuming development on infrastructure for my epic distributed game, Yong Henge

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