Submission time! Today is the day that EC was unshackled!

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There will be a public declaration soon, but for reasons that will be made clear, I wanted @everyone here to know that today OpenText signed the paperwork that opens all EC IP, this includes The Palace, and Onlive Technologies stuff too.

As mentioned elsewhere, the first phase is gathering the source from archives stashed around the world into a private github repo that I am managing to begin a “cleaning” process to remove inapropriate-to-open 3rd party licensed content and (PII): personally identifiable information.

So! E will be open! And EC-Habitats and so many other things! If you have copies of source and docs that you were holding on to for just such an occasion - now is the time to send them to me.

You can email or put them up on a private github repo somewhere and share them with me (@frandallfarmer).

Also, let me know if you’d like to help as a cleaner/admin … I’m lookin’ at you @crock and @chip!

BTW, Turns out the r167 version of EC-Habitats still runs on modern Windows boxes!

I could create a room, upload swatches and customize and teleport back and forth between the rooms… Of course, all the 25 year old URLs (including for remote teleporting) are all broken now… Should be trivial to fix once we can build this all again.


Wow, exciting! I can’t wait to give it a try :smiley:


Turns out the inaguaral event ended up being more historical and structural than actual hacking, but that has started in earnest and will now take place fully remote…

I’ll post more here as available.