Pass function through Hoot

Hello! I have issue with waiting for result from async procedure with await.
Source code: ~akagi/sei-no - sourcehut git

All that I want is to create most important effect in playwriting: fade out, changing background image after it, and fade in.

Please try to run code from source hut – at this moment I dont understand how to pass function for delay (1 second) evaluation after animation with setTimeout.

Start game with make serve.

Missing resources is here:

Hi @liltechdude! While I don’t have the time to try running your program, I can offer a bit of advice. First, making it easy to write asynchronous programs with Hoot is something we’re still working on, so a good “out of the box” solution will arrive in a future release. In the meantime, what I recommend doing is writing your own wrapper around JS promises. async/await in JS is just syntactic sugar around promises, so you might want a way to call the then method from Scheme so you can register callbacks when the promises resolve/break.

I see that you have a sleep procedure whose JS implementation uses setTimeout in game.js. One immediate issue I see is that you are calling func when you should just be passing a reference: You have setTimeout(func(), duration_ms) but it should be more like setTimeout(func, duration_ms).

Hope this helps!

Oh my! This problem is solved!!

I will write guide in future how my application works.

This is fix: ~akagi/sei-no: [MVP] Fading is working - sourcehut git


Glad you got it working!