More inspiration: Try Clojure


Thinking about the early excellent work bringing a REPL to Hoot, I wonder if we could get to the fit-and-finish (and tutorial) of ? It’s certainly a strong place to build from – and I like the idea of a tutorial that is driven by a REPL, given that a pleasant REPL would be useful in a lot of different places, including a modern debugger.

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Hey @danny, I like this a lot! Thanks for pointing us to it. I like how they inspect the return values to drive the tutorial forward. We definitely want something like this to go alongside documents such as the Scheme Primer. It would be even better if we could eventually get something up on the Guile homepage.

This Clojure REPL seems to be implemented completely in JS so my guess would be that ClojureScript was used to build it. Before we can get to a REPL with such a fancy UI, we’ve gotta get macroexpand and all the syntax stuff compiled to wasm. Then we can aim for compiling Guile’s interpreter.


Another good feature will be that documentation examples would be possible to run in the HTML-extracted browser documentation.