Metacircular Scheme Status

In the end of article Scheme in Scheme on Wasm in the browser you mentioned that this project will grow to full featured R7RS Scheme. What status of this project at now and how can I help?

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Hoot itself is going to support all of R7RS-small eventually. In the upcoming 0.4.0 release early next month, we will have support for everything but things like eval that require hosting an entire interpreter in Wasm. Getting a full Scheme interpreter hosted in Wasm is not the kind of task I’d recommend for a newcomer to the project as there’s quite some complexity to it. The best thing that you could do for Hoot right now is to try making small programs that do something you find interesting. Maybe you could try extending our mini-REPL from that blog post? It doesn’t even support let! Recently, nanomonkey made a Mandelbrot viewer that really impressed us. Whatever you do, you’ll surely find rough edges along the way that we can turn into issues in GitLab and prioritize for future releases. Most importantly, have fun!

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Most importantly, have fun!

I want to create game for upcoming Spring Lisp Jam, and I want to implement game using in-browser repl rather than recompile game all the time. I’m have watched several video on youtube and have read several articles on the wild net how to implement fantasy console using canvas API, but it’s hard to “assemble” knowledge together yet.

Hope I will create this emulator in two month.


I would love to be able to make browser games live at the REPL. I don’t think Hoot will be capable of that by the time of the next lisp game jam (the date for which will go public soon, btw, but looking like mid-May right now) unless you implement some custom interpreter that has a limited number of features. I’m still thinking about what I might want to do for the jam… :thinking:

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The Spring Lisp Game Jam has been scheduled! May 17th-27th

Sign up here: Spring Lisp Game Jam 2024 -