Miller interviewed on the history of distributed programming [part 1]

@cwebber Has just released a podcast episode that is Part I of an interview with Mark Miller about the history of decentralized programming - including Actors, Xanadu!, Flat Concurrent Prolog, Joule, and E.


Thanks for posting this. Fascinating history to hear about in detail, though I’ve been adjacent to much of it. I’m looking forward to the next few parts.


We’ve gotten a really positive response to the episode. Glad to hear you liked it too, @hibbert. A lot of the stuff about Joule was new to me. I had never heard of flat concurrent prolog.

There’s a lot of juicy stuff ahead, especially as we get to E. Part of it involves Electric Communities and the former “Agorics” (with an “s”) company. We don’t get too far in details about that in the interview I have with Mark, but I wonder if it might be useful history to cover more of also.

It’s going to get even more programming-language-theory in the next episode than this one was. Will have to provide a forewarning up front. :wink: But I love that kind of thing personally.

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