Sprinkling Spritely towards Erlang and Elixir community

The other day I mentioned my favor for an Elixir reference impl. The community is growing and very active, and the language seems well-suited. But tbh there isn’t much prior work in the field of Ocaps. So I decided to raise some awareness about Spritely work.

On Elixir forum I posted:

In a response a bunch of interesting papers were referenced, all dug up from archive.org:

In addition I pinged the creator of the Cap’n Proto implementation in Erlang via Github, who responded:

Hi @aschrijver, and thank you!

I long for picking this project up again, just need to find a real use case for it in order to motivate the time investment :wink:

I also pinged Jose Valim, the creator of Elixir, via the fedi:

And finally dropped all this info into Elixir IRC channel and Elixir Matrix chatroom, both with 600+ people.