Announcement: Robin Templeton joins dev team!

Robin Templeton

Robin Templeton is a free software advocate who enjoys working on compilers, programming language design, and exploring system architecture. Their enduring fascination with Lisp environments and distributed object capability secure programming, starting at an early age, naturally lead them to an interest in Spritely’s technology stack, and we’re excited to announce they have joined our engineering staff - initially focused on our Guile → WASM project.

Robin’s previous work spans working on compilers at Igalia (including building the JavaScript BigInt implementation in Firefox, used by millions of users every day), building a variant of GNU Emacs which runs on top of GNU Guile, working on game development tools for Tech Drone, and volunteering for HCoop (including eight years serving on the board of directors).

If given the opportunity and interest, they will bless an interested listener with a treasure trove of obscure Lisp history.