Guile on Web Assembly project underway!

Due to a generous grant from the MetaMask Grants DAO, Spritely Networked Communities Institute today launches a project to enable the Guile programming language to compile to the popular Web Assembly (WASM) platform! Specifically, this includes executing within all popular web browsers, dramatically expanding the number of potential users of Guile-powered applications.

Once Guile → WASM is complete, the next project will be to move Goblins (our distributed programming core) into that environment so we can build out the other core features and UI required to support our “Agency” software: a framework for rich and secure decentralized applications.

As always, all of this work will be released as open source.

We are hiring for this project now for work to start in mid-February.


Sharable link to above:

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Very interesting. I hope this brings Spritely OCaps closer to being used with different, more common languages. The other day I was looking into

Implemented in Rust

By combining the fault-tolerance and massive concurrency of Erlang with the capability-based security of WebAssembly, it creates a powerful programming model.

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Andy Wingo to lead Guile → WASM project!

Spritely Institute – Wed 15 February 2023

Andy Wingo

We are excited to announce that Andy Wingo, consultant with Igalia - a major contributor to both the Guile and Web Assembly project - will be leading our open source project to to enable the Guile programming language to compile to the popular WebAssembly (WASM) platform!

“At Igalia, we have long loved both Guile and WebAssembly. Now thanks to Spritely’s vision we are delighted to be able to combine these efforts to bring a secure, capabilities-based Scheme to the web.” – Andy Wingo

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