Try Cirkoban: Spritely's entry for the Spring Lisp Game Jam 2024

Hi everyone,

On Sunday night we released Cirkoban, our take on a Sokoban-like game that blends block pushing with the Wireworld cellular automaton.

Screenshot 2024-05-26 at 22-23-30 Screenshot

Cirkoban is a (we hope) fun demonstration of Spritely’s progress towards our goal of running Goblins applications on the web. It is built with Hoot, our Scheme to WebAssembly compiler, and features an early port of the core parts of Goblins to Hoot. The game world is modeled using actors and features an “undo” mechanic like Baba is You to show off Goblins’ transactional nature.

The jam received a record 48 submissions. I spotted many entries written in Guile, and several that used Hoot! Unfortunately, was down almost all day yesterday so I haven’t had a chance to put together a complete list. We plan to talk about Cirkoban and the jam overall in some depth on our blog real soon, but for now we just wanted to announce the game’s availability!

We’re thrilled with how the game turned out and we hope you have fun playing a game built on Spritely’s technology!


We just published a blog post talking about the details of how and, more importantly, why we made Cirkoban. Check it out!