NLnet grant bootstraps OCapN protocol standardization effort

Jessica Tallon received a grant from NLnet to bootstrap the standardization process of OCapN (Object Capability Network). Jessica has worked with us on previous Spritely projects, including previous NLnet grants related to implementing petnames. Spritely Institute’s role will be providing direction and support to Jessica, who will leading the effort.

We want to thank NLnet for funding this important work as standardization is critically important for the wider adoption and implementation of OcapN.


  • Initial Draft Specs
  • Form a Community Group (preceding the standards Working Group)
  • Compliance & Test Suite
  • Implementers Guide
  • Submit/Transform to [TBD] standards body

The bootstrapping process will begin with draft specifications based on
Spritely’s two existing implementations of OcapN.

We are hoping to standardize OCapN for everyone. It is important that stakeholders are at the table from the earliest stages. Thus Jessica will establish a community group to shape these documents in the coming weeks.

Having implementations is crucial to a standardization process, so as part of this grant Jessica will be developing a test suite which will evolve along side these draft specifications to test the compliance of implementations. Since we want creating additional implementations as easy as possible, she will also be writing an implementation guide.

The ultimate goal is to migrate a stable and mutually-acceptable proposal into a [TBD] standardization body (which body would be for the group to decide).

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Jessica at


Are there any upcoming meetings about this? Any sort of opportunity to get together by voice / video / screensharing?

FWIW, I sometimes do hobby office hours on Saturdays, and I would welcome this as a topic.

I also do Agoric office hours on Wednesdays, and it might be nice to touch base a bit there.


I don’t think there is anything currently scheduled. We’d previously had two meetings including myself, @cwebber, @markm, @kris, Kenton Varda, and @zarutian (hopefully I didn’t forget anyone). Obviously @tsyesika should be included on the next one.

I’d like to have an actual agenda this time; the second meeting in particular I think got derailed by not particularly critical points of discussion.

Might be good to organize this on the ocapn github org or #ocapn on (or just ping people via email), particularly since I don’t think Kenton is on here.


Hey :wave:

I thought I’d mention here that we’re thinking of having a meeting early December kick off the group with introductions and talk about where everyone’s at and then start in earnest with the meetings trying to discuss the spec and work towards consensus at the beginning of next year.

I’ll be setting up some communication mechanism (mailing list, etc.) this month and putting up a poll to find out what dates and times work best for everyone so stay tuned for that.


Just so you’ll know: These days I only do f2f meeting outside, or inside only with extremely good outside ventilation. Otherwise, I can certainly attend remotely.

I look forward to the poll. I have often used doodle, which seems adequate.

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There is not yet any plans for a f2f meeting about OCapN. Could change once we hit an actual standards body of course, but don’t expect it to be before. I think we can commit to making sure these requirements are always met at this point.

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I’ve made a doodle poll to find out when everyone’s available for the first pre-standardization meeting, you can find the link to the doodle poll on the Github issue:


I’ve updated the poll link due to some issues with Doodle, sorry about the confusion.

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We’ve set the date, you can find the time and agenda on the issue:

For people wanting to talk and summaries where their implementations are at, can you mention it on the issue so can divide the time needed between everyone.


Meeting room is: OCapN

The poll for the next meeting date is up, please check the issue for details January 2023 Pre-standardization meeting · Issue #28 · ocapn/ocapn · GitHub

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This meeting ended up being postponed due to a smaller than expected attendence, I’ve just made a new poll: January 2023 Pre-standardization meeting · Issue #28 · ocapn/ocapn · GitHub please vote if you’re interested in attending.

The date for the next meeting has been set: January 2023 Pre-standardization meeting · Issue #28 · ocapn/ocapn · GitHub

Is there something we can read on this subject ahead of the meeting?

Hi all, I’m sorry to say I won’t be able to make the meeting as I’m ill. I look forward to reading about how it went later! is live!

Hope you can make today’s meeting!

FYI, I just did a little outreach to the Agoric community:

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