Ian Denhart has passed away

I am very, very sorry to announce that Spritely community member, ocap enthusiast, Sandstorm and Cap’N Proto developer, OCapN active participant and consensus builder, FOSS advocate, and kind and wonderful human being @isd has passed away. They died at a burner event named Firefly, there was an accident, several people were hospitalized, and Ian died on site.

But I don’t want to focus on Ian’s death, I want to focus on Ian’s memory. Ian was one of those people who just always seemed present, and so it’s a shock to hear of their passing. They were at the same conferences I was, they were always commenting on programming forums. They were at, I believe, every OCapN meeting we had. They always pushed for shared understanding and achieving consensus, even when it wasn’t particularly the direction they were interested in. They will be missed dearly, as a community member, as a friend.


Memorial for Ian Denhardt (zenhack, @isd)

This Saturday October 21, 2023 at 2pm EST, in Winchester, MA, with a livestream: