Evolving Usernames on Discord - a chance to promote local naming?

I just ran across…

Here’s hoping for time to elaborate. Meanwhile, for (my) reference…

Pet Daemon by kriskowal · Pull Request #1413 · endojs/endo

“global naming is at best a necessary evil. We should be avoiding it, not doing more of it.”
yours truly Dec 2022

In some sense I’d like to shift the focus from “naming” to “introduction rituals”. They note:

  • Across Discord, almost half of all friend requests fail to connect the user with the person they wanted to match with, mostly because users enter an incorrect or invalid username due to a combination of missing discriminator and incorrect casing.

Does Spritely have a concrete plan for “cold call” introductions? Or… hand-off from a phone conversation or from a business card or a napkin at a bar?

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Agoric’s approach to the phone hand-off is board ids, where the board is a well-known name hub.

If chatHandle is my chat handle object, and home.board is the well-known board, I can do


and get (a promise for) something like 'board0371'. Then I can call my buddy on the phone and say “I’m 0371 on the agoric board”. “What?” “oh-three-seven-one”. My buddy types 0371 and their app …

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SnapChat had ?intro nums?.
That is their ghost logo and dataglyph/qr-code/datamatrix thingy encoded an number that
was used in their system to do introduction.

(Wierd how it has come full circle to grannovetter introduction, no?)

I am assuming some sort of capurl or even cert+privkey or macaroon thing to point to an introduction inbox of some persona. The latter two can encode ex ante or caviates within themselfs for expiry and/or ‘postage price’.

Then there is always Zookos triangle to take into account. Also the same issues Douglas Crockford base32 addresses, regarding potential typographic errors/misunderstandings.