Creating a Decentralized Community Pattern Language

Imagine a world were revocable capabilities and verifiable claims underpin decentralized identities. With that in place, how do we decide how to create relationships and communities with all the attendant challenges of sharing - posts, threads, objects - with issues of curation, trust, moderation, and governance?

I (@frandallfarmer) raised the idea of creating a Pattern Language centered on these questions in a decentralizated web at IIW 36 today. The initial response was “great idea” by several folks, so Spritely will initially host the discussions here on our community.

I’ve created a @DC-Pattern-Language group here for those who’d like to message just the folks interested in the project.

Welcome @JoeAndrieu, @Trentlarson, @deiim and @hisgarden who are new to the community.


Can we create a reference of aspirational patterns for [decentralized] online communities?

About Pattern Language[s]:

Also, Kaliya worked on a pattern language for meetings that can inspire our work -

@JoeAndrieu was part of a pattern language effort as well [missing reference.]

Additional inspiration:

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More inspiration for pattern language is Sociocracy 3.0:

Sociocracy 3.0 pattern overview


Here is a the pattern template for the Group Works Pattern Language - we could use it as a starting point for the template for this pattern language.


Welcome Kaliya! Glad we can start moving the discussion up a level of abstraction from just protocols and schemas!

Another link of some interest (via Sam Liebeskind

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A few more new folks - @sam of New Public, and @scottmoore - long time colleague
of mine and co-host of the [on hiatus] Social Media Clarity Podcast

I am not quite sure what you are up to …
However it feels about rightly. Let me know if language has an idiots guide for the terminally stupid …

I thank you

This has been on a very slow burn @lobster - kinda a pet project of mine to get us all thinking about the very nature of distributed digital communities. We’re very open to any thoughts on the topic…

Presently, trying to create (and fund the creation of) the decentrlized infrastructure has required all of our attention.

More brains on this are welcome!

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