Blog Post: Lisp Game Jam - "Fantasary" - prototyping an object world (& TCP netlayer)

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Spritely participated in the Spring Lisp Game Jam 2023 last week. We submitted not one, but two, entries. This post is about one of them: Fantasary.

Fantasary is a prototype textual virtual world with interactive objects. Users can move between multiple virtual rooms and interact with the objects (other humans and bots) in those rooms. We used an ncurses-based user interface and cool-retro-term to make it look pretty. The result resembles an IRC chat application but under the hood it is built using object capabilities. Building this prototype under the time constraints of a game jam served multiple purposes:

  • Testing out a new, prototype TCP+TLS netlayer for OCapN.
  • Experimenting with petnames.
  • Experimenting with the unum pattern to model objects in a distributed virtual world.
  • Getting more experience building and releasing applications with Goblins AKA dogfooding.

There is a lot more on the full post: